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(No) Condom Society: Why Teens Aren’t Practicing Secure Intercourse

(No) Condom Society: Why Teens Aren’t Practicing Secure Intercourse

The portion of young adults making use of condoms has stalled, while STD rates are in the increase

There have been particular items that the 1990s just did better — including having the term out concerning the perils of non-safe sex.

In accordance with the Centers for infection Control and Prevention (CDC), the portion of US pupils utilizing condoms hit its top at around 60% about ten years ago, and has now stalled since that time, also decreasing among some demographics. a study that is recent by the Sex Information and Education Council of Canada discovered that nearly 50% of intimately active university students aren’t making use of condoms. Other reports are finding that while teens will likely make use of condom the very first time they have sexual intercourse, their behavior becomes inconsistent after that.

Wellness officials from Oregon to Georgia are ringing alarm bells about increasing prices of sexually transmitted conditions, concerned that kids aren’t having the message. Intercourse training is better made than it had been for past generations, but a 2012 Guttmacher Institute report revealed that while almost 90percent of high schools are teaching pupils about abstinence and STDs, less than 60% are supplying classes about contraception techniques. (más…)