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We inform you exactly how a concussion can impact your sexual climaxes

We inform you exactly how a concussion can impact your sexual climaxes

With regards to sex, you frequently hear the old saying any particular one of the very crucial intercourse organs could be the mind. While that appears to be real from anecdotes and studies emphasizing the mind and pleasure, we wished to see in the event that Lioness Vibrator could show just exactly how alterations in the mind could impact our experiences of pleasure and orgasm. We recently explored the partnership between cannabis and pleasure along with liquor, therefore we wanted for more information about how else pleasure can vary from other modifications.

Recently, a Lioness individual stumbled on us with something we never expected. She initially reached out asking if there clearly was a nagging issue with her dildo — the info looked down to her from exactly exactly what she frequently experienced. With her, we uncovered an interesting (and important) relationship between mind and body: specifically, how a concussion (or TBI/Traumatic Brain Injury) changed her experience of pleasure during sex and masturbation—so much so that her physiological experience of pleasure was completely different than before, and she could see the difference with the Lioness as we troubleshooted.

That is her tale:

I’m both the proud owner of a Lioness and an individual who has committed most of her sparetime to a sport that is full-contact. Recently, I was given by that sport a concussion, so when that concussion really impacted my sex-life, I became really thankful to really have the Lioness to aid me know very well what was happening. (más…)